Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Another Setup of the Taxpayers

Read it and weep.

...Simply put, conservatives oppose the House leadership’s highway bill (H.R. 7) because it continues the failed top-down federal approach to transportation spending, while precluding devolution to the states for at least another five years.  Moreover, it eschews the pay-as-you-go funding mechanism of the Highway Trust Fund (eerily similar to the Social Security Trust Fund!) by permanently authorizing a higher level of spending than the fund’s corresponding revenue source; the federal gas tax....

So.  In five years or so, the Spending Establishment is going to tell us that "there's no MONEY for the HIGHWAYS" and impose another tax or three--or user fees, or 'wheel fees', or whatever.

You'll have forgotten that it was Boehner, of course, and he'll be retired, living on your tax dollars.

Did I say "tax" enough??

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