Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ron Paul: "Liberating" Money, Too

Back in the good old days, Lefties stole things and called it "liberating" them.

Seems like Ron Paul has a 'liberating' problem.

...James' recollection and new documents obtained by Roll Call suggest Paul was aware that he was often being reimbursed twice for individual flights. In all, Roll Call found 26 flights in which several layers of documentation show double payments: credit card statements that detail the ticket purchases, a payment to Paul from his taxpayer-funded House account for reimbursement of a flight and Federal Election Commission records or copies of checks that verify a second payment from a separate group for the same flight....--AmSpec quoting Roll Call

Prolly all 'clerical errors,' ya' know.


Anonymous said...

Two spot on comments from the link...

"So Ron puts it on his own card. Turns in an expense report with a bazillion other receipts and get reimbursed on the 11th. On the 21st the Liberty Committee writes and sends a check straight to AmEx without supporting documentation before writing the check?...They are referring to business from 2005. Statute of Limitations says shut up and move on. It's their fault for writing a check without documentation."

"The guy who gives a huge part of his office budget back to the treasury every years is attacked by the usual neo-con suspects on this web site with some nonsense charge."

Major fail, Dad29.

Anonymous said...

You should leave the Paul smearing to your boy Willard. After all, he's got MILLIONS of Super PAC donor cash to carpetbomb the latest nutjob from Texas.

Anonymous said...

Rick Santorum is a neocon warmonger and big-spending corporate statist.

Newt Gingrich is a neocon warmonger and big-spending corporate statist.

Mitt Romney is a neocon warmonger, China-hating protectionist, and big-spending corporate statist.

Ron Paul is a champion of freedom, peace, free trade, and human flourishing.

Too bad the Truth hurts you so much.

Dad29 said...

Ron Paul is just this side of a lunatic.

He's not even a true-blue libertarian.

That, my friend, is the REAL truth.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dad, did you see this one?

Santorum Boasts of Funding Planned Parenthood


So Santorum has voted to support Planned Parenthood and to compel you and me to pay for abortifacients–and he parades that as a feature, not a bug.

I’m not interested in banning contraceptives (except abortifacients).

I’m interested in not being forced to pay for them. I’m also, by the way, not interested in supporting Santorum’s war zeal or his enthusiasm for torture, which is not courageous at all, but is instead a craven and cowardly capitulation to the ugliest aspects of the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism. He is, insofar as he gins up enthusiasm for this instead of courageously standing against it.
Santorum is a false prophet who is leading souls astray.

Anonymous said...

What is at stake?

Either kiss Catholic Institutions away with obamas mandate or compromise with Ron Paul to defeat Obama.... Got to love it.

Please read

Mathematical Case for Brokered Convention; How Ron Paul Can Throw a Big Wrench Into Romney's Campaign


United we stand, Or divided we fall