Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boehner Does Three-Card Monte and You're the Mark (Again)

You're supposed to be very happy with Boehner because he split the Big Spend Highway bill into three parts.

It's a sucker play.  You're the suckers.

...The end result will be a top-down federal highway bill that requires an immediate $40 billion bailout for a new mass transit account and future bailouts down the road.  Either way, there will be no pension reform or expanded oil drilling from the final version of the bill.  This is yet another example of the shenanigans that are so endemic of Washington politics.

Isn't it time for Boehner to retire?

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Anonymous said...

By definition, the Speaker controls his caucus. So, by definition, Boener needs to go since he can't control his tea party bozos.