Friday, April 30, 2010

Creating Chaos in California

Limbaugh was right.

For decades, the California’s Central Valley provided food to the nation and the world, and made California an agricultural powerhouse through wise water management. In weeks, the federal government brought it to an end after determining that the Delta smelt was more important than the thousands of people employed by Central Valley agriculture or the millions of people fed by it.

...Unemployment has hit 45% in some of the towns in the region, and mortgage defaults have predictably risen as well. Instead of feeding itself, California now has to import more food from abroad, with Mexico getting most of the benefit and California consumers paying the price.

It has, however, provided Democrats with a way of extorting votes from California’s Congressional delegation, as Showalter explains in the article. Two of the Congressional districts in the area got immediate increases in water allotments after their Democratic Representatives committed to vote for ObamaCare in March. The one district represented by a Republican mysteriously had its request for more water ignored.

The White House supply of arugula will be uninterrupted, of course. What's a few thousand livelihoods, or a few million people paying more for their fruits and veggies?

Let them eat cake.

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