Friday, April 23, 2010

The Casualty List of US Allies Grows

B Hussein Obama has achieved a milestone; he's insulted almost every ally of the USA.

England, Czechoslovakia, Honduras, Israel, Poland, India, and now Japan!

When Japan’s prime minister visited Washington this month, Japanese officials lobbied intensely to get him a one-on-one with Barack Obama. In the end, Yukio Hatoyama had to settle for just 10 minutes, and even that during a banquet when the US president was presumably more interested in the appetisers and wine. These things matter in Japan. One senior politician called the put-down — as it was inevitably viewed in Tokyo — “humiliating”. He even noted that the Japanese prime minister was shunted to the edge of a group photo, the diplomatic equivalent of banishment to Siberia.

We got change, alright. And if this keeps up, hope is all that will remain.


jimspice said...

How do you explain the sharply improved views abroad of the US in general and Obama specifically?

Billiam said...

Couple of ideas Spice. 1. They interviewed regular people. The common volk. That has nothing to do with O insulting the leaders of our allies. As to his personal popularity, whoopee. People are easily fooled. Obama is a master fooler. Do you deny he's insulted the leaders of countries that have stood by us?

Dad29 said...

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn what "Europeans" think of the US.

I care about US interests, period. Insulting foreign leadership (or breaking agreements with allies such as Poland) goes against what are US interests.