Monday, April 19, 2010

"Screw the Sick": WI Legislative Democrats

Gotta hand it to the Democrats--they know who they can rape. You know, the old and the sick. They don't complain a lot because........well........they're old and sick!

A proposal to delete 'minimum markup' laws for generic prescription drugs was killed.

...Last week, a handful of state senators voted to make sure that doesn’t happen. Senators Vinehout, Schultz and Kapanke voted no to move Assembly Bill 482 to the full Senate. This bill would exempt prescription drugs from this law, giving Wisconsin consumers access to lower prices consumers enjoy in most other state

Names to remember. Interesting because Ms. Vinehout screamed regularly about the 'cost of healthcare', remember?

She must have purchased a health-insurance policy lately--one with drug-benefits.

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