Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who's Dick Morris?

Evidently Dick Morris thinks he's a Great Politicial Analyst.

Some California conservatives were scratching their heads over an email being sent around by longtime Democrat and Clinton adviser Dick Morris, telling California Republicans not to support Senate candidate Tom Campbell, who has been leading a number of different polls, and who has declined to sign the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to not support tax increases.

"Guess Campbell didn't take any of Morris's advice or a phone call," joked one California political consultant.

That wouldn't be a big deal except for this:

In his email, Morris encouraged Republicans to support either Chuck Devore or Carly Fiorina.

Fiorina is a gadfly who did serious damage to both Lucent and H-P prior to being "retired" by the H-P Board.

But that's hardly all.

Morris has appeared on Jay Weber's show and twice pounded the drum for Leinenkugel. Last time, Weber had to step in and smack Morris across the chops with a not-too-gentle reminder that Leinenkugel has a big spaghetti-stain all over his shirt called James Doyle. Morris then backed off a bit, demanding that other (R) candidates take the ATR "no-tax" pledge in order to be nominated.

In the meantime, Sykes demolished Leinenkugel in an interview.

Clearly, Dick Morris has a few blind spots--or VERY bad sources.

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Neo-Con Tastic said...

Interesting note:

Sykes was seen eating lunch with Dicky at a bar on the eastside (Hooligan's IIRC). Looked like a friendly lunch to the witnesses of the event.

neomom said...

Morris has some decent insight once in a while, but his ego gets in the way.