Sunday, April 18, 2010

Madistan: Cheap Gas

Yup. Paid $2.83/gallon out there this AM. Could have bought for $2.79, but ran a bit short on time.

That's twelve to sixteen cents less than what I see in Waukesha County.

No wonder the (D) Leggies (and Thief-in-Chief Doyle) don't give a rip about gas taxes...


Tim Morrissey said...

In Madison, gas prices are held down by the onerous taxation of bicycle riders.


Display Name said...

If you wanted, you could praise the free market and its ability to sustain high prices in one area due to demand, and low prices in another, and we don't need to know the why and wherefore, as the invisible hand has made prices lower in Madison.

Oh, wait. Follow the logic: You don't live in Madison, therefore it's Doyle's who is keeping you from cheap gas. And the Democrats. Especially the ones who were deranged to suggest that Bush & Co. wanted to keep gas prices low to keep the people happy.

Dad29 said...

Nope, cluck.

It's the (D)-required RFG.

But you don't know that--exactly what I expected.

Display Name said...

Whatever you presume, Dad29. Tell me why Doyle secretly controls the EPA, too, and why we shouldn't worry about air pollution in Milwaukee.