Saturday, April 29, 2023

The Cause of the Fall of Camelot

The cynics among you--and those without any faith--will deride this cause/effect thing.  Do it at your own risk.  Dante took it seriously.

...when Dante asks her how she and Paolo first fell, we see a series of errors, and a failure to see beyond the immediate urgency:

    One day we two were reading for delight
         about how love had mastered Lancelot;
         we were alone and innocent and felt
    No cause to fear.  And as we read, at times
         we went pale, as we caught each other’s glance;
         but we were conquered by one point alone.
    For when we read that the much longed-for smile
         accepted such a gentle lover’s kiss,
         this man, whom nothing shall divide from me,
    Trembled to place his lips upon my mouth.
         A pander was that author, and his book!
         That day we did not read another page.”

They should not have been alone together.  They should not have been reading about the adulterous affair of Lancelot and Guinevere.  They should have kept on reading, but they did not.

Had they continued, they might have encountered the madness that beset Lancelot, his disloyalty to his friend and lord, Arthur, the scandal that simmered among the ladies and the knights of the Round Table and that spread to compromise Arthur’s reputation; the fracturing of that goodly fellowship, and the fall of Camelot....

Ask not for whom the bell tolls.  It tolls for thee.

The beginning of the end of the US was the Griswold decision.  Don't think so?  Game out the timetable yourself.  Be sure to include the countless recissions of laws dealing with adultery, homosexual practice, (etc.), and the enshrining of gay "marriage" and now, tranny-dom.  

Don't forget!!  Sex with children is next on the plate.

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