Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump, Islam, Terror, Etc....with Steyn!!

Yesterday, we mentioned that the Trump/Tillerson formulation about Mohammedans and terror is incoherent or ridiculous.  Take your choice.

Well, Mark Steyn, an observant sort, observed that it's probably more Tillerson than Trump.  This is what Trump actually SAID in his speech:

...That means honestly confronting the crisis of Islamic extremism and the Islamists and the Islamic terror - of all kinds....

But that's not what he was supposed to say.  The script only uses the term "Islamist," which is worm-wording for "not Muslim."  At one time, Steyn used the term 'Islamist' too--but no longer.

..."Islamist" came to seem an equivocation, and one that led to darker evasions - such as that "a small minority" has "hijacked" a "religion of peace". And the evasions were followed by a ludicrous but insistent inversion of reality - that, as John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others will have it, Islam has "nothing" to do with terrorism....

(Steyn was polite enough to leave out GWBush, but I am not.  Bush was a pleasant, useful idiot.)

...On the campaign trail, Trump proposed banning Muslim immigration until we can "figure out what the hell's going on" - which, whatever else may be said about it, indicates a certain prudent modesty...The trouble is Trump is left to his own devices less and less....

Yes, well.

The Manchester experience will have an effect, I suppose.  Over the next 120 days there will be lots and lots of large festival gatherings in the US, too.  Will Islam make waves?  

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