Saturday, May 20, 2017

Anti-God, Anti-Civilization Bunch Strikes Oconomowoc

It appears that the same social disease that struck the Elmbrook Schools several years ago has now metastasized to Oconomowoc

As you may recall, a form of human herpes sued Elmbrook for holding its high school graduations in a non-denominational church because the church's decor included a cross.

The same herpes has migrated to Oconomowoc and is threatening the city with lawfare over a couple of signs which do NOT have a cross.  However, the signs use the word "churches," which is an egregious offense against the snowflake-herpes and humanity in general, but particularly Mohammedans and Jews.

(It wasn't an offense to the former Mayor Gary Kohlenberg, a nice Jewish fellow, by the way.)

We look forward to the City's effort to eliminate social disease.

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