Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Stop the Whining From "the Right"

I have bona fides here; I supported Ted Cruz and--for good reasons--was chary of Donald Trump.  About the last thing we need in the White House is "New York values."  But even more horrific would be the New York values of the Hildebeeste.

So we have Trump.

And we have caterwauling and whining from a local pundit, from an Atlanta pundit, from a whole lot of D.C. pundits....whining, mewling, caterwauling, histrionics.

Shut up, already.

So far, he's told Europe to straighten out; told illegals that they are not welcome (and enforced it); begun repealing the horrible Obozocare regulations; indicated that his Administration will no longer pursue lawsuits against the common good; rolled back the coal regulations.....and he's fighting the war on ISIS to WIN it, rather than diddle-dicking around like his limp-wrist predecessor.  Oh, yah, he's going to shove Paris right up Europe's ass.

So shut up, already, whiners.  I'm so, so, sorry that he's not using your Preferred Brand of China, and perhaps not drinking the Correct Bottled Water.

Shut up.

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