Monday, May 08, 2017

Bushes Out, Clintons Out, Trumps All In

The Daily Caller observed that although the US voters got rid of two other Political Families, we seem to have acquired another one--and it's larger than either of its predecessors.

Dad signs executive orders, daughter tells daddy he should bomb Syria, one son campaigns and raises money for Republicans, the other is a surrogate, one son-in-law visits Iraq, and one daughter-in-law is already working on the 2020 campaign....

And all this time, I thought Trump had some sort of business entity that his family was going to run on his behalf.

So the question:  does Trump think that the US is his family's business entity, or was there no real business entity in all those hotels and golf courses?

P.S.:  Hollywood seems to think that these folks are the Clampetts.

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