Monday, May 08, 2017

The Miller Park Theory of Pastrami

That's not really a mixed metaphor.

Bud Selig, who obtained $400 million++ from taxpayers for his new baseball stadium (Miller Park) so that the value of the Brewers would increase so that Bud could sell it at a large profit....

Yah, that Bud Selig.

Anyhow, he purchased a delicatessen in one of Milwaukee's more........ahhh......sketchy neighborhoods.  At high noon it's not a bad place to be, but Condition Yellow is in order.  That said, it's not likely that Bud's paying a lot of property-tax on the joint.


Thought I'd drop down there to pick up a pastrami sammich and some chalava.  Checked it out on the inter-tubes, of course.  Apparently Bud's 'free money' deal at Miller Park resonates with him--he's getting SIXTEEN DOLLARS for a pastrami sammich (with pickle.)

It gets better.  Having decided that SIXTEEN DOLLARS for a sammich-with-pickle is utterly ridiculous, I thought I'd inquire as to whether the place still offers chalava.   So I called the joint and got a recording:  if I want to order something to go, call "Grubhub," if I have other questions, leave a message.

LEAVE A MESSAGE!!????!!!  To ask if you still offer chalava?  SERIOUSLY??

Apparently the "kiss my toe" which got him his Miller Park hasn't gone away.  But customers might.

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