Sunday, May 07, 2017

Baby-Rattle Nelson Need Not Cry Any More

Justin Amash makes it clear just how bad the new healthcare bill really is.  Among other things, it will be impossible for Walker--or anyone else--to deny coverage for pre-existings.

...Even in a state that waives as much as possible, a person with a pre-existing condition cannot be prevented from purchasing insurance at the same rate as a healthy person. The only requirement is that the person with the pre-existing condition get coverage—any insurer, any plan—within 62 days of losing any prior coverage....
There, Mr. Nelson.  You can put away your blankee and rattle now, and take a nice nap.

By the way, this "fix" is really terrible.

...The bill does not change the ACA’s federal requirements on guaranteed issue (prohibition on policy denial), essential health benefits (minimum coverage), or community rating (prohibition on pricing based on health status). In short, Obamacare’s pre-existing conditions provisions are retained. The latest version of the AHCA does allow any state to seek a waiver from certain insurance mandates, but such waivers are limited in scope. Guaranteed issue cannot be waived. Nobody can be treated differently based on gender....
That leaves the question:  will men still be paying for pregnancy coverage??  And do you suppose that Baby-Rattle Nelson will be screeching if Walker waives that?

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