Saturday, May 06, 2017

Silly Rant from N.J. Cardinal Tobin

We'll assume that the quotation here is accurate....

...and I want to say to you, we are the ‘No’ that God scrawls on the wall,” Tobin said. “We are the ‘no’ to a nation who is heartless, who would deport people separating them from their families and their loved ones simply because they are victims of a broken system.”...

Umnnnhhhhh....Your Eminence.....if such 'separation' is traumatic, the 'families and loved ones' can depart the country, too.  They are not chained to their street.

Frankly, we are tired of the Moralist Nannies who claim the high ground merely by shouting and marching around.  First off, their own 'morality' is deficient, evidenced by the reckless smear of an entire "nation".  Morally upright people are not that silly.

Secondly, there is more moral traction in a nation's licit determination of immigration rules than in a post-hoc claim to national treasure, with the "hoc" being illegal entry to the country.

Apparently the Cardinal is not willing or able to think very clearly.  This is not exclusive to the Cardinal, of course; it's usually a practice of politicians. 

Perhaps the Cardinal should run for office from someplace other than his chancery. 

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GOR said...

The Cardinal comes from a diocese that spent half a million dollars on an extension to his predecessor - Ab. Myers’ - retirement home a few years ago. A home that was already valued at $800k.

With its 8+ acres I’m sure they could house one or two immigrants there… If the retired archbishop objects, Cdl. Tobin could just say No!