Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kirk, the Liberal?

Long-ish essay which points out the fact that "choice" is not merely code for "abortion" or homosex "marriage."  It also shines a light on Kirk's liberalism as a descendant of Bacon's.  That isn't really good, because Bacon (and his secretary Hobbes) separated man from nature.  That was a radical departure from the Aristotelian/Thomistic concept.

Hobbes went on to enshrine 'choice', albeit within bounds established by the State; but that led to the explosion of positive law.  In other words, the more 'choices' one has, the more laws the State must create.  And since Kirk agrees with both propositions, the "liberal/conservative" arguments we hear today are really "liberal/liberal" arguments.

Don't believe me?  Read the essay--from Deneen, of course.

Added:  Grim takes up the discussion.

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