Monday, February 17, 2014

Hennessey Missed the Point

Hennessey--a good man and true--slaps Sen Ted Cruz for Cruz' minibuster over the debt ceiling

...Senator Cruz skips over why the others wanted this outcome: the only other legislative alternative was not increasing the debt limit. At that point no one, including Senator Cruz, had an alternative strategy to pass a debt limit bill that cut spending, or repealed or modified ObamaCare, or made any other good policy change. If you want to defeat a bad bill you need both a better policy and a viable legislative strategy to achieve it. In some cases that legislative strategy could be blocking enactment of any bill, but that would not have worked here. ...

No, Keith.

Cruz does have a strategy.  It's a long-term strategy.  It's called "throw ALL the bums out," including the bowls of unflavored porridge like Boehner and McConnell. 

(One hopes that the strategy also includes zeroing out EPA and DOE and reducing IRS by about 50%.)

IOW, Keith, it's not really about the "debt ceiling", nor about the Massive Failure Stimulus, nor about the Commie-in-Chief, although they are all very good targets.

It's about the Bill of Rights--specifically, the 9th and 10th Amendments.

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Dad29 said...

Dear Johnny One-Note: borrrrring.

Try "originality" for once.

Or go back to your little desk with the other 2nd graders.