Sunday, February 23, 2014

IRS, Obozo's Storm Troopers in Wisconsin

Our little President recently declared to O'Reilly that the IRS targeting of TEA Party groups was a 'bonehead move'.  Since the IRS slimeball (Lerner) took the Fifth, we can safely assume that it was more than a 'bonehead move.'  The Fifth privilege is reserved for criminal activity.

Our little President also wants you to believe that the TEA Party audits were the first and only time that IRS acted as his personal storm-troopers.

He lies.

Back in 2010, Napolitano famously issued a document declaring that (among others) pro-lifers were 'threats' to the Republic. (no small irony there).  One of those "threats" was Pro-Life Wisconsin.

After Pro-Life Wisconsin forced Napolitano to rescind her slander, the IRS moved in.

They audited Pro-Life Wisconsin, one of its Board members, and two of its major contributors.

Don't bother with FOIA to get the documentation which led Napolitano to her slander.  That documentation  has mysteriously disappeared.

And don't think for one minute that storm-troopers have to be armed.

But YOU should be....


John Mitchell said...

"The Fifth privilege is reserved for criminal activity."

First, you probably were sleeping at Marquette when the professor stated clearly that taking the 5th is NOT by any means taken to be as a sign of guilt.

Second, taking the 5th is NOT reserved for criminal activity. The response could "incriminate" or simply "embarrass" oneself. While it is true that some misconduct can serve as a basis for both a civil lawsuit and a criminal prosecution, not all disputes resolve themselves into accusations of criminal wrongdoing. There may be subjective or practical reasons why he/she took the 5th.

Dad29 said...

Oh, of COURSE there's no 'guilt.'

And I am quite sure that Ms Lerner is not in the least embarrassed about her nazi-fication of IRS.

Thanks for the clarification, John!