Sunday, February 09, 2014

No Kidding!! No Kids, No Money!!

This is not news to anyone who's paid attention to Japan.

To really understand what’s going on with the American economy, don’t look at the headlines. Don’t look at the unemployment rate or the trade balance or the deficit. Don’t even look at what’s happening today at all: Look at what happened 46 years ago.

And what happened then? Fewer Americas were being born, points out Harry S. Dent Jr. in “The Demographic Cliff: How to Survive and Prosper During the Great Deflation of 2014-2019” (Portfolio).

.... Following the Baby Boom, which peaked in 1961, came the Baby Bust, a long slow decline in the birthrate. Those babies grew up and began spending in accordance with highly predictable patterns.

... Ultimately the size of the US economy is simply the total of what we’re all spending. Overall household spending hits a high when we’re about 46. So the peak of the Baby Boom (1961) plus 46 suggests that a high point in the US economy should be about 2007, with a long, slow decline to follow for years to come.
Anyone find that convincing?

The NY Post reviewer doesn't, of course. Even after Dent laid it out in lavender (pointing directly to Japan), it's not clear to the poor dear that yes, indeed, the demand-side of economics is.....actually......important.

Gay "marriage" is simply another form of sterile marriage--as the gays have correctly argued.

But Nature abhors a vacuum, especially of children.  And the economy is dependent on children, no matter the blatherings of Rockefeller


Anonymous said...

Demand is important? Who knew?

Many gay couples have children, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Really? How do two homosexual males reproduce?

The rectum is not a vagina.

The colon is not a uterus.

Dad29 said...

"have" children as in 'possess' them.

"Beget" is not a gay function.