Thursday, December 24, 2009

Obama Wants More Statism of the (D) Variety

Noted at Hot Air:

...Barack Obama on Wednesday expressed frustration with the way the Senate does business, saying the use of delaying tactics there harms the nation's ability to "deal with big problems in a very competitive world."

"Other countries are going to start running circles around us," Obama said in a White House interview with PBS. "We're going to have to return to some sense that governance is more important than politics inside the Senate."

There are two possible reasons for his statement. One is the obvious one--that his programs are so over-the-top Statist/Leftist that debate threatens them, and that he's jealous of the ChiCom/Putin/Chavez/Imadinnerjacket modus operandi. Even Richard Daley thinks so--see today's WaPo.

The other is that he's figuring on a loss of several Senate seats in 2010 and would like to deal with 51 rather than 60.

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