Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lawyers Don't Like 'Free Press'

What were we saying about lawyers yesterday?

Oh, yes.

There's always more where that came from.

...I posted an item about how the Federal Aviation Administration threw a "$5 million taxpayer-funded drunken bash" at an Atlanta hotel for federal employees. The entire item was based on a terrific video report by ABC news, that's highly embarassing for the FAA...

...Within a very short time of my post landing on the internet, I got a phone call at my desk from someone at Gebhardt and Associates, an employment law firm in DC, rather insouciently demanding to know where I got my information about this FAA party.

The lawfirm happens to represent some air-traffic-controller union.

By the way, the party was a lot of fun, but one suspects that some spouses will be....ahhhhh.......

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RAG said...

GZPZ...this summer we had an unprecedented surge in violent crime and during a couple of around the clock homicide investigations the city sprang $40 for pizzas so we could continue working. We thought that was a magnanimous gesture. Maybe we should work for the FAA~!