Thursday, December 31, 2009

Doyle v. the Church (Again)

The usual.

...birth control costs must be covered for those looking to avoid having any kids at all, under new laws that take effect Friday in Wisconsin.

That happens to include the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, the Diocese of Madison, and the Diocese of Green Bay. (LaCrosse and Superior are self-insured and not covered by the mandate.)

Opponents argued that birth control is not medically necessary and insurance companies should not be forced to pay for what is a personal decision.

The Wisconsin Catholic Conference is lobbying lawmakers to provide an exemption for religious organizations.

"The law does not give adequate deference to our religious values and our religious liberties," said John Huebscher, executive director of the conference. "It would force dioceses and other Catholic organizations that buy insurance to pay for something they object to."

I suspect that there are other organizations for whom this law is offensive.

Speaking of "offensive,"...

Planned Parenthood opposes any exemptions because that will limit women's access to birth control, said the group's legal and policy analyst Nicole Safar.

"An exemption really defeats the purpose," she said.

But I have another question for Mr. Huebscher: Where were you when this law was passed in the first place? How many press releases did you issue as this was grinding through?

And where did they go? To the Milwaukee newspaper (which did NOT run this story)? To other interested parties--like (R) members of the Legislature? To television? Radio?

I'd be very happy to hear that you were vocal--really vocal--in opposing this, John.

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