Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lawyers Nullifying Elections? For "Justice"?

Prosser's right. And the lawyers are demeaning their own profession, again.

...[SCOWI] is mired in a debate over when justices should step aside. The court decided 4-3 in October to set a rule that says campaign contributions alone are not enough to require a judge to step aside. But the justices have not yet finalized the rule because Prosser has said he wants to fine-tune it.

Meanwhile, lawyers have asked the court to remove Gableman from at least seven criminal cases because he has made past comments that they argue show a bias against criminal defendants. Gableman has declined to step aside, and the full court hasn't ruled whether it can or should remove him.

Prosser's opinion ...signals he believes Gableman shouldn't be taken off the criminal cases.

"Recently, this court has been bombarded with external motions asking a majority of justices to remove other justices involuntarily, thereby seeking to nullify elections, alter the composition of the court and potentially change the outcome of individual cases," Prosser wrote. "These motions represent a frontal assault on the integrity of the Wisconsin judicial system, and they, too, could have serious and profound consequences for parties, citizens and the court."

Seven LAWYERS want to overturn an election?

Just who ARE these lawyers?


neomom said...

The lawyers know that whoever controls the courts are those really in charge.

Liberal lawyers do not want a conservative court. So they will throw every temper tantrum in the book to get their way.

illusory tenant said...

And the lawyers are demeaning their own profession, again.

What did Gableman and Bopp say now?