Thursday, December 31, 2009

Milwaukee Social Welfare "System Worked!"

Looks, offhand, as though some social worker is taking pay but not doing the job.

A social worker from the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare investigated an abuse complaint about baby Dekia Mattox just seven weeks before authorities say she was killed by a homeless drug addict in a filthy, cold home...

The bureau's Nov. 4 investigation - which stated "the home was in order," contained food, had a well-heated bedroom for the baby and contained no evidence of drug use - stands in sharp contrast to the medical examiner's report, filed shortly after the baby's death Dec. 26.

You might ask "Which house did the social worker (AFSCME member, too) inspect? The Mayor's house?"

Or perhaps he/she mistook a nearby tavern, or restaurant, or movie theater, for the house, and thoroughly inspected a few beers, or a nice steak sandwich, or Avatar?

According to the medical examiner, the dilapidated cottage in the 2700 block of N. Richards St. had two broken windows and was heated by three space heaters. Knives were found on the floor of nearly every room. The bathroom contained a leaking toilet and a broken sink. Dirty dishes filled the kitchen sink. Investigators found empty liquor bottles and beer cans, piles of dirty clothes, discarded baby bottles and little food.

"Do I think something dramatically changed in the home? Clearly that's the case," said Arlene Happach, director of the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare. "I don't have a clear explanation for it."

Yah, dramatic. Like maybe the house was actually teleported in from Beirut or Kabul in the last 14 days, eh?


Amy said...

Government efficiency at its finest. What a terrible story. Too bad heads won't roll at the Bureau of Child Welfare...

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

I cried as I read the original story. At what point does this end? At what point does someone other than the child pay a price? Between this and "co-sleeping" you would think SOMEONE would wake the f*** up!

I think it's pretty obvious the original inspection was "gun-decked". The person "performing" the "inspection" needs to be fired.

Hey Crapper...defend your Union thug brothers and sisters over this one.

Anonymous said...

Scumbags should avoid reproducing.