Friday, December 25, 2009

Down the Doylet Transpo Hole

Remember that $400 million, or $1 Billion (whatever) that James Doyle, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, Fraud, and Hero of Public Employees stole from the Transportation fund?

Well, it's causing a problem.

Outagamie County rejected the state’s 2010 contract offer for highway plowing and maintenance, and more counties may follow suit next year.

The proposed Wisconsin Department of Transportation contract would force the county to have 15 snowplows and up to 25 people on staff during winter, said Al Geurts, Outgamie County’s highway commissioner. But the contract would not offer enough construction work in the summer to keep those people working, he said.

The offer would require the county cover the summer expense of keeping the trucks and people busy, Geurts said.

Outagamie may not be the lone ranger here.

“The reality is that some of these counties will opt out of it,” said Bruce Stelzner, Chippewa County highway commissioner, “and stop doing the work and leave it to the state.”

...“With the diminishing county budgets as well, the counties will not spend money in the state highway system,” he said. “So it will be up to the state to figure out how to pay for the state trunk highway system.”

Picture Frankie Busalacchi tooling to his Brookfield home from Madistan in a snowplow, clearing SH 190 (Capitol Drive) on the way...

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