Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Ron Johnson Is Sick ot the Crapola in DC

This should be a campaign ad for Ron.

Dear Colleague,
As this fiscal year comes to a close, and we look to fund the government, we must use our spending power to ensure that we do not enable the Biden Administration’s reckless progressive agenda.

We must not accept anything short of a “clean” Continuing Resolution (“CR”) that contains no additional spending or extraneous policy riders. At a minimum, any agreement on a clean CR must carry over into the beginning of the 118 th Congress.

Failure to stand strong against lame-duck spending and caving to the Democrats will likely worsen inflation, prolong the current economic recession, and advance policies contained in the Biden administration’s progressive wish-list. The American people cannot afford another Washington feeding frenzy. 

We must not let them down

That letter is authored by Mike Lee (R-Utah) and signed by Ron Johnson and 12 other Senators.  The bolded red lettering refers to the $12 BILLION that Scott Fitzgerald (Fat R-WI) is all happy about.

Maybe Fitzgerald needs a primarying in '24.  He's been a dependable establishment (moron) for years.  He should go back to whatever he claims to be his actual job.  He can open a store in Ukraine if he's all that hot about that damn country.

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