Thursday, September 29, 2022

Milwaukee's Martha's Vineyard

This is amusing.

St. Catherine's has traditionally housed lower-income women, who paid nominal rent to live there.  At one time the place had a curfew--get inside by 11:00 PM (maybe midnight?) or you're out of luck.  That was when an order of Catholic nuns ran the joint.

That was the good old days.  Now, St Catherine's is a mixed-use residence which includes addicts, homeless, women fleeing domestic violence, etc.  All very nice, except there are problems (!!!)  So we now learn about Milwaukee's Martha's Vineyard!!

...Of the neighbors who spoke at the Sept. 7 hearing, five own homes on the 1300 block of North Astor Street

They told committee members that St. Catherine residents sometimes sleep in cars on the street, where they smoke marijuana.

"They leave their kids running on Astor Street in front of our homes without watching them as they are doing drugs," said Michelle Melstrand.

Melstrand and the other homeowners also complained about garbage left on the street, panhandling, people loitering on their stoops, numerous emergency responder calls to St. Catherine and other problems — including people who have defecated on their properties.

It amounts to a decline in the neighborhood's quality of life, they said.

"It's quite frightening to walk past and see what is going on at St. Catherine's," said Amy Brengel, who lives nearby on North Prospect Avenue.

She and others questioned why St. Catherine was operating within an affluent neighborhood.

"I understand that there's a need for this," Brengel said. "But there are other places. Not in this high-rent, very expensive location."...

Smooth move, Amy.

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