Thursday, September 29, 2022

Voters Now Paying Attention

It's traditional:  voters don't pay attention to elections until about the beginning of October.

Then they do.

And that's not good for the Democrats this year.  Michels and Ron Johnson are now pulling ahead of the Socialist-Communist-Incompetent Democrat alternatives, and Fetterman is falling off the table in Pennsylvania.  Laxalt is suddenly 'back in' the Nevada race, and both Oregon and Washington State are about to elect Republicans in formerly-(D) districts.  Kari Lake is now even with the completely dishonest (D) alternative in AZ.

Still waiting for Johnson and Fitzgerald (Mr. Go-Along/Get-Along) to comment on the demolition of the Nord Stream pipes which will bring freezing, de-industrialization, and starvation to Europe soon AND in the future.

Those remarks will be very interesting, no?

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