Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Federal Lawbreaker Clerks in Wisconsin

 Several Wisconsin County election clerks apparently think that they are exempt from Federal law.

...From our analysis of the top counties in Wisconsin, zero of seven counties complied with the Civil Rights Act of 1960, retaining the voter data from the November 3, 2020, general election. Every county we contacted redirected us to the state source. After contacting the Wisconsin Elections Commission on April 5, 2022, we were sent directions to complete a custom data request through the self-service system. After asking for confirmation on whether the data would be historical and not current, the state official informed us that obtaining these records would reach the maximum charge of $12,500 and that the “list will include all voters with a recorded participation in the 2020 general election and their current status/registration” due to the cost of these records and uncertainly that these records were actually the time stamped records from the general election, we concluded our examination. ...

You expect Milwaukee, Dane, Racine, and Brown to be scofflaws.

Add Outagamie, Winnebago, and Waukesha to that list.

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