Saturday, March 08, 2014

What Connecticut and ObamaCare Have in Common

Several months ago, the Connecticut authorities passed a law which requires registration of certain firearms and magazines.  Failure to do so makes one a felon, and as of January 1st this year, there are lots and lots and lots of newly-minted felons in Ct.

About 80% of Connecticut gun-owners have flat-out ignored this "law".

Several months ago, the Democrat Party rammed through Congress a "law" (which turns out to be infinitely malleable) requiring all Americans to be covered by health insurance.  Failure to obtain coverage will result in tax penalties.

About 90% of the uninsured have flat-out ignored this "law."

That's not a co-incidence.  It's a pattern:  you can stuff your "laws" where the sun don't shine.


Anonymous said...

Where there are gun owners thumbing their nose at constitutional law, there is liberty.

Dad29 said...

However, that doesn't happen.

UN-constitutional law, yes.