Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Unified Field Explanation of Liberal Madness

HT:  Vox, John Wright finds the G K Chesterton/C S Lewis/Allan Bloom unified theory of Leftist Asininity.

He begins with the proposition:

...The theory must explain, first, the honest decency of the modern liberals combined with their astonishing indifference, nay, hostility to facts, common sense, and evidence; second, it must explain their high self-esteem (or, to be blunt, their pathological narcissism) combined not merely with an utter lack of accomplishment, but with their utter devotion to destructiveness, a yearning to ruin everything they touch; third, it must explain their sanctimoniousness combined with their applause, praise, support, and tireless efforts to spread all perversions (especially sexual), moral decay, vulgarity, and every form of desecration; fourth, their pretense of intellectual superiority combined with their notorious mental fecklessness; fifth, it must explain both their violence and their pacifism; sixth, the theory must explain why they hate the very things they should love most; seventh, the theory must explain why they are incapable of comprehending an honest disagreement or any honorable foe....

And he proceeds to the answer, which you'll have to read on your own.  It's worth it.


Anonymous said...

My explanation is even more simple.

I was a liberal, until I grew up.

Saint Revolution said...

Obama Global Ministries Of DisInformation Confirmed