Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walker's Presidential Politics

Gary Bauer has been around for quite a while and he doesn't like the Walker game.

...Walker’s downplaying of abortion has been more than rhetorical. Walker now seems to be backing away from support for several pro-life bills that may soon reach his desk. One would ensure that state taxpayer funds are not used to fund abortions for state employees and exempt religious entities from having to pay for health insurance coverage that includes abortion-inducing drugs; another would outlaw sex-selection abortions; and another would allow for voluntary purchases of Choose Life specialty license plates, like those available in many states.

Having already passed the state assembly, these bills are being held up in the Republican-controlled Senate. The consensus from Wisconsin political observers is that Walker could easily get them passed in the Senate and to his desk for signing — if he made them a priority.

But there is persistent speculation that the governor’s office has issued orders to Senate leaders to keep the bills from moving. In fact, in early February, Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, a Republican, reversed course and announced that he would not bring legislation to the floor that would stop state tax money from funding abortions through state health insurance plans....

If it's true, it's disgusting.  Fitzgerald evidently doesn't have too many principles (either way).  Walker--despite the title of his book--is quite obviously "intimidate-able."

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Aged parent said...

I agree. Disgusting.

Though, ironically, it is a near-certainty that Gary Bauer would do precisely the same thing if he ever (God forbid) became a serious contender for the Republican nomination.

I wonder if you can still buy "Scott Walker is My Hero" bumper stickers.