Monday, March 24, 2014

Teh Stupids: Obozo/Pelosi

It's becoming comical.

In May 2012, when the Internal Revenue Service proposed its rules for Americans to get government subsidies for health insurance, officials acknowledged that a legal quirk needed to be fixed: The Affordable Care Act was written in a way that inadvertently denied such help to some people who live apart from spouses who abuse them, are in prison or are on the cusp of a divorce.

The problem is that the law’s authors, in creating tax credits to help pay for health plans bought through the new insurance marketplaces, had overlooked the fact that some married people file their tax returns separately.  --WaPo quoted at HotAir

The Bozo Club also makes it impossible for families with twin chilluns to sign up.

The MasterMinds, eh?

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