Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Your Truth, My Truth" Games: Critical Race Theory

Not hard to find the pig in this poke.

...California teacher Matthew Kertesz: When our black and brown students underperform, it’s not based on any lack of ability, but it’s because equal resources isn’t the same thing [sic] as equally served.  So our schools often falsely assume that kids of color can and will simply change and thrive in an environment based on white culture.  Now, when our schools and society truly value our black and brown youth -– and that’s shown through school culture, and practice, and policy –- then we’ll start to see equal performance.....

The 'culture' of mathematics, grammar, physics, chemistry, and spelling never used to vary much.  Maybe "progress" has changed that, eh? 

Has "progress" changed the nature of logic?  Art?  Biology?  Or 'what IS', as the philosophers put it?

"Critical race theory" is more of the same slushbucket 'thought' which has been around--in one disguise or another--for thousands of years; it's denial of truth.

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I read this paragraph and it made me imediately think of this post........

.....Finally, the loss of piety also means the significant loss of learning. Without the respect and honor of our parents, teachers and ancestors, there can be no learning. If I do not respect you I cannot learn from you. It is no surprise that in our current American culture, which often celebrates youthful rebellion, that learning, tradition and faith are in a grave crisis. Teachers in classrooms spend so much time in discipline that there is little quality learning time. Parents, whose children are often taught by popular music and television that “adults are stupid” and “out of touch” give little thought to dismissing their parents wisdom. Where there is no respect, there can be no learning.,,,,,,,,,,,