Sunday, March 25, 2012

RomBama the Petty

Noted at Hot Air, posted by the Examiner:

...Romney aides were on the job Saturday night.  In Green Bay, a Romney spokesman, Ryan Williams, showed up at the bar where Santorum was holding his election-night event, to make a few disparaging comments and put the Romney campaign's spin on events. "This is the saddest, most pathetic victory party I've ever seen," an AP reporter quoted Williams saying.  "Where are all the supporters?"

Not long after, Santorum campaign manager Mike Biundo asked Williams to leave, which Williams did.  "I didn't think it was appropriate," Biundo said later.  "They keep wanting to write this race off and say that it's done, yet they keep sending surrogates to our events to spin the press.  They've been following us around for a while.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't a coincidence that we were in the same bar."

It's NOT a coincidence.  Green Bay has about 10,000 bars.

The only question is whether Romney's staff is just a bunch of assholes, or whether they're actually just bitchy little broads pretending to be men.

As to Williams' question:  Santorum supporters are too damn busy working (unlike the Landed Gentry, Romney) to be hitting the bars with Rick.

We vote, instead.


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