Friday, March 23, 2012

Romney, the Dirtball Campaigner

Ya' know, only two years ago, Sykes was yammering that "I'm a Conservative, not a Republican."

Now, ol' Charlie's looking for a nice Federal job someplace in France, so it's Romney all the way.

Meantime, the Dirtball Special--MittWillard--does what he does best:  lie about his opponents.

...Romney’s response — that he was “disappointed to hear that Rick Santorum would rather have Barack Obama as president than a Republican” — was utterly misleading. I’m not surprised the media outlet that broke this story attempted to generate some buzz with it, nor am I surprised the Romney campaign has attempted to blow this out of proportion. What does surprise me, however, is how many people have bought into it....Camp of the Saints quoting Matt Lewis

(One example of 'buying in' is Charlie Sykes, who played a highly-edited version of Santorum's remarks, leaving some question as to what was actually said, in what context.  Charlie did that before both Willard AND his wife appeared on his show.  Just co-incidence, don'chya know...)

Then Willard the Dirtball expects all of us to enthusiastically beat the streets for him, too. 


Anonymous said...

Um, where you been? Politicians lie about their opponents all of the time. So does the media (and bloggers) who support a certain candidate. Nothing new here!

Interesting how Sykes edits for content and context. I never could make that association. That could mean he engages in this deception to push his own agenda. How dare this partisan, I mean entertainer, I mean journalist, engage in this conduct to deceive his viewers!

I take it that you will no longer provide "hat-tips" for Sykes or link to his stories as a result of your outrage.

I also believe you are even more convinced that you will NOT vote for Romney if he wins the GOP nomination. Otherwise, you would be associating with a "dirtball campaigner" and a person who employs "liars". What would your congregation say?

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Anonymous said...

Willard the Dirtball? Not the perfect candidate....

I reallly really don't want to vote for him,
I really dont want to vote for Obama either

What did John Bohner say about crap sandwiches?

Please remind me.