Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Project for the Wisconsin Legislature & Walker

We mentioned below that AG Holder and Obama believe that the President can order assassinations of US citizens it deems to be "terrorists."  That's not the only card that the Statists can play.

[T]he [NDAA] law allows Barack Obama as the president to determine when someone, even an American citizen, would be taken into custody and held under the law of war – that is, without trial, hearing, charges or due process.

At least one State has responded.

...The issue has become a focal point in just the last few days as lawmakers in Virginia approved by 96-4 and 37-1 votes a state plan that simply would not allow the federal provision to be used within state borders.

Seems to me that the Wisconsin legislature ought to follow the Commonwealth's lead.



Billiam said...

Dems would likely hold it up, then accuse Walker of tyranny.. Oh. Wait..

Jim said...

What ever happened to the Constitution?

Dad29 said...

Ask your fearless Stalinist leader Obama.

Or you could read Amendments # 9 and 10.

alizbeath said...

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