Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Ideas Are Just Plain Dumb, Rep. Klenke

Oh, man.

Under a bill introduced Friday, electric providers could give up to five years of discounted rates to industrial customers that start up or increase consumption in the state. But rates would go up for other customers...

The discount also would apply to businesses that prove they can no longer afford to operate in the state, but only if they receive $500,000 or more in economic development assistance from local governments.

The advantage of having the business in the area outweighs the increased costs for other consumers, said state Rep. John Klenke, R-Green Bay

Just say "no."

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Anonymous said...

The hell with this idea! I pay way to much for elec. here in Appleton as it is! You want ME to help pay someones, a business on top of it, elec. bills? Why don"t We The People of Wisc. just start charging these utility's. more cash for using MY water-ways, poluting MY air, using MY natural gas! If you want alot of T-Off people, just persue this crap to YOU political END!