Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On Rove, K-Hammer, and Cain

Gotta love this:

“Rove and Krauthammer amuse me with their response to Herman Cain. Since when has it become self-evident that a man with the professional accomplishments of Herman Cain is unfit to hold the office of President for not having spent the better part of his life as an elected politician and has, unforgivably, remained unknown to the likes of Rove and Krauthammer? Paging Professor Codevilla.” --McCain quoting Stephen Clark

Even more on Rove:

Karl Rove is the Architect of . . . what, really? A campaign that squeaked past Al Gore by the barest of margins in 2000, and scored a slim majority against John Kerry in 2004. Looking back on it, Gore and Kerry weren’t the most formidable candidates the Democrats ever fielded, and yet Rove’s reputation as a strategic genius rests on his management of campaigns that just barely beat them.

Damn good question, Stacy: "...what, really?" Rove is prolly a nice guy who happens to be a statistical wonk of the first water. He doesn't really demonstrate a facility with Big Ideas--which is what Presidents need.

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