Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sniper-Threat to Obama? Probably Not

Umnnhhh, ....

Taking a long-range potshot at POTUS is not a high-percentage gamble. More interesting, however, is the name of the person who is running his flap about the possibility.

Peter Fonda, the star of Easy Rider, suggested to Mandrake that he was encouraging his grandchildren to shoot President Barack Obama.

"I'm training my grandchildren to use long-range rifles," said the actor, 71. "For what purpose? Well, I'm not going to say the words 'Barack Obama', but …" --ConYank quoting London Telegraph

Fonda goes on to mumble about 'haves/have nots'.

As ConYank points out, the Obozo Regime is doing its damndest to make that dichotomy a permanent fixture here.

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