Thursday, May 26, 2011

Habemus Episcopum!


Father Don Hying, rector of St. Francis de Sales Seminary since 2007, has been named by Pope Benedict XVI as the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's new auxiliary bishop, the archdiocese said Thursday.

Parish priest, pastor, then Rector. Solid background.


Badger Catholic said...

Any word on his thoughts on liturgy?

Dad29 said...

Not from me. I've met the guy exactly once, semi-formal setting.

Most likely he's a 'by-the-book' Ordinary Form guy, prolly some sympathy to ExtraordForm.

Anonymous said...

He was at St. Anthony's in the 1990s, I am not sure if they were then what they are now (novos ordo but with chanting, kneeling for communion, etc.)

I have heard good things in terms of his work at the seminary and pro-life activities so I think this is a great choice and I am optimistic!

Anonymous said...

Father Hying is a very solid priest. He is very Marian. Regarding Liturgy, I think Father Hying is a by-the-book Ordinary Form priest. Like Dad29 said, the good bishop to be is probably at least sympathetic to the Extraordinary Form.