Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Best, Brightest"--and Facing a Grand Jury

Infosys seems to have......ahhh......erred.

Indian offshore giant Infosys is facing a federal grand jury probe over the use of B-1 visas by its workers, an inquiry that was touched off by a lawsuit filed by a U.S. employee of the company.

B-1 visas are extremely short-term--like for a business meeting or conference. What makes them interesting to outsourcers like Infosys is that there are NO wage requirements. (H-1B visas have requirements which are, to say the least, "loose.")

Using B-1 people to escape the minimal (and easily evaded) H-1B requirements tells you that Infosys is damn near running a slavery operation, if the allegations are true.

...The grand jury probe stems from a lawsuit filed against Infosys earlier this year by Jay Palmer, an Alabama resident and a principal consultant at the outsourcer. Palmer's lawsuit, originally filed in an Alabama state court and then moved to the federal court, alleges that he was harassed at work after refusing to participate in a plan to use workers holding B-1 visas for tasks he contends requires an H-1B visa...

It would be another Rapture moment if the (R) Presidential primary race included some discussion of the abuses of H-1B.

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