Friday, December 02, 2022

Pp. Francis' Very New Gospel

There's a wonderful blog essay on Pp. Francis' interview with America Mag-a-Rag.  Here, we'll concentrate briefly on one statement made by the Pope.

...Reacting to criticism that he favoured Communism, the pope said this was a socio-political reduction of the Gospel message

    “If I see the Gospel in a sociological way only, yes, I am a communist, and so too is Jesus.”

There is no passage in the Gospel which forbids the possession of property--which happens to be a fundamental of Communism.  Sociological, theological, narrative, inspired Word of God, or otherwise, that difference is stark.

The commands (counsels) of Christ regarding property always began with "GIVE....."  That is to say, you may dispose of your property for the sake of the Kingdom, (for Christ.)

It should be obvious--even to a Jesuit--that one cannot give what one does not have.  We can conclude that Christ had nothing against possessing property, but He did require that such property should be given to benefit others--not merely oneself--as far as possible.  Does that mean to 'give it all away'?  No--unless, like the rich young man, you seek perfection.  Christ did not order you to make your wife and children into homeless victims.  But that is what Communism requires.

Meantime, Pp. Francis has taught you another meaning of the phrase Reductio ad absurdum


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He's NOT the pope.

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“Should we look to kings and princes to put right the inequalities between rich and poor? Should we require soldiers to come and seize the rich person’s gold and distribute it among his destitute neighbors? Should we beg the emperor to impose a tax on the rich so great that it reduces them to the level of the poor and then to share the proceeds of that tax among everyone? Equality imposed by force would achieve nothing, and do much harm. Those who combined both cruel hearts and sharp minds would soon find ways of making themselves rich again. Worse still, the rich whose gold was taken away would feel bitter and resentful; while the poor who received the gold form the hands of soldiers would feel no gratitude, because no generosity would have prompted the gift. Far from bringing moral benefit to society, it would actually do moral harm. Material justice cannot be accomplished by compulsion, a change of heart will not follow. The only way to achieve true justice is to change people’s hearts first – and then they will joyfully share their wealth.”

–St. John Chrysostom

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Indeed. Bergoglio is not the Pope

Pray for pope Benedict, the one and true pope whether he likes it or not

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Thanks for that!

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Pope Leo XIII's encyclical on socialism, communism

"Quod Apostolici Muneris"

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The "Progressives = Socialists = Communists" is the best rebuttal to the Fake Pope.....

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