Saturday, March 28, 2020

Bp. Schneider on "Civil" Servants

The Archbishop of Milwaukee appeared on the Mark Belling show to explain why he closed down the churches.  It was something of a love-fest; Belling did not grill him, and the Abp. used what could only be called "lawyerly" (or at least lawyer-informed) excuses.

Boiled down, it came to 'the Church (i.e., me and the Archdiocese) could be blamed if someone died after going to Mass and that would really look terrible and maybe even cost money.'

That's his story and he's sticking to it.

So when Bp. Schneider spoke about the church-closing wave, he said....

...Bishop Athanasius Schneider has urged priests to imitate Jesus the Good Shepherd and, for the sake of souls, even disobey the unjust orders of bishops whom he says are now behaving more like “civil bureaucrats” than “shepherds.”...
..........almost as if he heard that interview.

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