Monday, March 23, 2020

L.A. Archbishop Doesn't "Get" Subsidiarity?

One of the hallmarks of Catholic social teaching is its emphasis on 'subsidiarity'.  This teaches that social problems are BEST resolved by the lowest level of governance, beginning with the family, moving upward to the neighborhood, the city, the county, the State, and--LAST--the national government.

That teaching has been around for hundreds of years, and in fact, the US Constitution enshrines it in "Federalism" (although largely in the breach since 1900 or so.)

Now comes Abp. Gomez of Los Angeles, who apparently never read Catholic social doctrine NOR the US Constitution.

As thousands of people find themselves out of work due to coronavirus (COVID-19) related business and school closures, Archbishop José H. Gomez asked California Catholics to support extending unemployment benefits to Church workers. ...

...“Please join me in asking Congress to extend unemployment benefits to Church workers who might need this relief. Let us stand together in solidarity for our brothers and sisters in this time of trial and need.”
He urged Californians to contact Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, as well as local representatives, today, to ask them to support an effective solution....
UC insurance has ALWAYS been a State-legislated matter.  Asking the FedGov to override State law flies in the face of both subsidiarity and the Constitution--and of course, it's inviting trouble from the Feds forever.

Perhaps the Archbishop should find a solid Catholic adviser someplace in California.  That person will NOT have been educated by the Jesuits, of course.

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