Sunday, March 22, 2020

Dr. Fauci, AIDS Expert

Dr. Fauci--who loves him some camera-time--was the FedGov's AIDS point-man back when AIDS was a thing.  (And yes, I know about it--a friend of mine was the first Milwaukeean to die of AIDS; when he contracted it it was still known as GRID:  Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Disease.  Later, a high-school classmate of mine died of AIDS in San Fran.  The stuff is terrible.)

Anyhow, Ticker reminds us of how efficacious Dr. Fauci was then.

...And speaking of these agencies much-vaunted claim to be "oh so wonderful" when it comes to the historical record with HIV/AIDS, may I remind you that the very same California that is now on lockdown, where the very surveillance in test-and-trace that people including Fauci claim is so important -- has in fact just been suspended in LA?

California, of course, is the place where our government including the NIH, NIAID AND CDC sat around with their dicks in their hands in the early 1980s, leaving San Francisco to do whatever the hell they felt like doing when the city refused to close the public bathhouses where gay men were screwing each other in the ass, often anonymously through "glory holes" in what were essentially gang-bang daily events.  These very same government agencies were well-aware that this was the source of the serious spread of HIV throughout America.  It was not until 1984, a full year after the epidemiological links to those locations and what was going on there were proved, that the bathhouses were closed.

Oh, and who was the Mayor then who could have declared a public health emergency and shut that crap down?

Why Ms. Feinstein, of course.  Yes, that Feinstein....
It's worth reading Ticker's entire post, by the way.  He nails Fauci--who loves him some camera-time--to the wall for his current refusal to treat with hydrochloroquine.


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Simple living said...

I was a new critical care nurse when aids started and I cared for many young men that died fast and in agony. I hated how that crisis was handled and saw the breakdown of public health follow through. The entire issue became political and it was the end of common sense quarantine and will to eradicate the disease.