Saturday, May 14, 2005

Moonbat Alert

So according to Judy Robson, Moonbat-at-Large (2nd class), (D) of Beloit, ways in which one may demonstrate eligibility for the most important function in the Republic include:

  • showing a utility bill which has your own name (well, maybe not your name, but at least an address in the area)...
  • coming up with 4 random numbers (which says a lot about the people Robson wants to enfranchise here...4 is not TOO heavy a burden)...
  • somebody's bank statement.

Why not:

  • Last night's pizza crust?
  • One of those postcards with a milk-carton child on them (they have an address, right?)
  • A letter from your Mom, giving permission for you to skip school?
  • A receipt from a LOCAL QuickMart for coffee and donuts?
  • A few cans of non-perishable food for the poor?
  • A picture of random children?
  • Somebody's email address?
Just trying to help, Judy.

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