Friday, May 27, 2005

Hey, It's Only Tax Money

Earlier on this blog we commented on Fire Department tricks used to maintain or increase budget dollars. Now for the Police Department tricks.

Here in the Town of Brookfield, somnabulence is the basic rule. Now and then there's a disorderly type housed at one of the local hotels (one actually had a sidearm, once.) A couple of bicycles get stolen, there are a few CD's stolen from get the picture.

But we have a crop of eager young second-shift twenty-something graduates of WCTC's Police Science training course. They have to do something. So they watch the Interstate.

Evidently the State Patrol and the Waukesha County Sheriff, both patrolling I-94, are simply insufficient for the monstrous task at hand, eh?

Not one, but TWO Townies were found the other evening, with a car pulled over. Probably a really big deal--maybe 15 over, or better, maybe a single-occupant car that had used the 'multiple-occupant' entrance lane. About 10 minutes earlier, one of the Townies was laying in wait at the Hy 18/94 entrance ramp, eastbound.

In the meantime, the Crime Wave in the Town continued, unabated by the patrol presence of the Townies.

Too many dollars chasing too few crimes.

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