Monday, May 23, 2005

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

The new Coalition for Families webpage has sprung to life with some great information. You should bookmark it: While you're there, be sure to click on "Get the Facts" which shows a dynamite ad about our execrable Governor's new clothes...

Remember the Three-Card Monte Doyle who promised NOT to increase taxes during his campaign? Well, it only took a couple of years for the damned lie to crawl from its spot under the rock (or should we personalize that and make it 'damned liar'?)

Not only $368MM in additional taxes, and a NEW proposal to tax Ipod downloads--but in addition, his cost projections were evidently created in a smoke-filled room--and it certainly was not tobacco smoke.

Rep. Steve Nass questioned Three-Card's estimate of $500K/year to extend taxpayer-paid health bennies to "partners" of U.W. employees. The Legislative Research folks hauled out their calculators, and voila!! Three-Card lied!

The Legislative Reference Bureau determined that the ACTUAL number would be more like $2.9MM to perhaps $5.3MM/year. Extending the same bennies to ALL State employees would produce a number in the range between $6.6MM to $13.1MM (that's million, folks.)

Beyond that, FICA-related expense would increase by more than $600K/year.

Jimbo's math, and that of his close aides, needs some work. How about a few years in a Choice School, Three-Card? THEY teach children real-world mathematics.

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